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The Ten Survivors

Bio: cobalt is a very sad depressed little pikmin... he is considered the outcast, one body seems to like him and most pikmin are afraid of him for some reason. Cobalt is almost always alone and he some times dissapears. he hides away from all the others a cry's... (he is not emo he is depressed) you would think a pikmin as depressed as him would have died or killed him self, but despite that, Cobalt keeps on fighting.

Bio: Dimtri is shy and he is espicly bashful around the girl Pikmin. he has a little thorn on his butt that looks like a little tail. he is very self continence about his tail and trys to keep his back turned away from the others. he is also considered as Steves little brother because he has two sharp thorns on the end of his stem, making his attacks critical and he looks like Steve a little bit.

Bio: caroline is a happy fun loving Pikmin. she almost always seems happy and playful. even in the darkest of times she still puts on a smile. Croline is the only pikmin with brown eyes.

Bio: augusto is the most hyper insane Pikmin of all time, hes always running around and tripling over every thing. he also gets in the way a lot. but but he knows how to make you laugh augusto has a brown leaf/bud/flower.

Bio: keno is very mean most of the time to all the pikmin and he is very tough, if you were to get in a fight with him, chances are you would lose. however, he still protects the other pikmin and some how has friends. he has burn marks all over his body and he is shorter then most of the other pikmin.

Bio: Mel is just the opposite, he is very timed and avoids fighting. he loves to hug and is very affectionate. he cry's a lot to and gets a lot of attention from the girl pikmin. he for some odd reason likes to pick on keno and hugs him all the time and he defenatly knows keno doesn't like it

Bio: cookie is a sweet yet bossy pikmin, she likes to be the leader and expects undivided attention from the others. she is especially fond of Olimar and gets very jealous if he is paying attention to any other pikmin. she is however a good leader, she can ack fast in bad situations witch ends up saving her companions from geting hurt. she is also very sneaky.

Bio: pepper may look dainty and pompous but she is actually quit the tom boy. pepper is very independent, she likes doing what she wants to do, and thats why cookie and pepper dont get along very well. pepper like to piss cookie off intentionally buy ignoring her or hogging attention from the other Pikmin and Olimar. pepper is feisty, she doesn't let any one push her around and is a strong fighter. one of her best quality's is that she is protective of the other pikmin and will not hesitate to risk her life for them.

Bio: Steve is Olimars first Pikmin, his leaf can never flower due to an accident he had with a dwarf bulborb. Steve is a very loyal Pikmin, he saves Olimar's life quite a few times and is very kind to the other Pikmin.

Bio: Mestro was plucked blind and was assumed to die right away because of it, however the opposite is true... Mestro is one of Olimars strongest Pikmin. when he was first plucked, he had a hard time but Steve was there to back him up and Mestro became a great fighter. Mestro is frendly and seems to like all the other Pikmin, he also likes to sing. Mestro and Steve are very close friends and are together most of the time.